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2019 Newcastle Peace Circle the group

A diverse group from English, Scottish, Pakistani and Chinese roots met in Newcastle upon Tyne to experience the 10-step Peace Circle process. Barbara Down reports.

Iman Al Ghafari

'Like a plant, people need an environment or safe space where they can be recognized for what they are and be allowed to grow.'

Creators of Peace Worldwide Women Caux 2019

25 women from 17 countries came together for the 2019 Creators of Peace Annual General Meeting in Caux, Switzerland. Inspiring peace builders from Cameroon, Nepal, Kenya, Australia, the UK and more united to showcase the work we have done throughout the year, sharing skills and feedback, whilst celebrating their successes and solving their difficulties.

CoP London June 2019

A London Peace Circle unites women community leaders and human rights activists

The participants and facilitators from the Crewe Peace Circle

Julie Welch and Omnia Marzouk report on facilitating their very first Creators of Peace Circle in Crewe, England

CoP facilitator training

After 7 years of Creators of Peace (CoP) sessions in Damascus and a Peace Circle last year in Lebanon, Syrian women from different backgrounds are working together to rebuild themselves and support other women in their community. Iman Al Ghafari reports.