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Iman Al Ghafari

'Like a plant, people need an environment or safe space where they can be recognized for what they are and be allowed to grow.'

CoP London June 2019

A London Peace Circle unites women community leaders and human rights activists

The participants and facilitators from the Crewe Peace Circle

Julie Welch and Omnia Marzouk report on facilitating their very first Creators of Peace Circle in Crewe, England

CoP facilitator training

After 7 years of Creators of Peace (CoP) sessions in Damascus and a Peace Circle last year in Lebanon, Syrian women from different backgrounds are working together to rebuild themselves and support other women in their community. Iman Al Ghafari reports.

Moment of concentration and commitment to their being for the women

Three friends in Bogotá, Colombia, decided to explore through a Creators of Peace Circle how to integrate conversations over the Colombian peace process in a more peaceful way in their communities.

#balanceforbetter theme for International Women's Day 2019, City Gateway, London, March 2019

Kate Monkhouse, Executive Officer for Creators of Peace, joined women at City Gateway Women’s Centre in East London, to share their celebration for International Women’s Day. She shares some of her reflections on what it means for all of us to embrace #IWD2019 theme “balance for better”.