Peace, justice and human rights in Palestine/Israel.

Our Vision

Lasting peace with justice, security and equal rights for Palestinians and Israelis alike.

Our Mission Statement

Acknowledging Britain’s historic and continuing responsibilities, we work through education and advocacy to advance equal rights for all in Palestine/Israel, regardless of race or creed. We raise public awareness of the issue in Britain. We seek to persuade our Parliament and Government to demand that the rule of law and fundamental human rights, including the right to self-determination and the implementation of international law, are upheld in Palestine/Israel.  Our Government recognised the State of Israel in 1950. We urge it to recognise the State of Palestine now, as a step towards equality and an end to the occupation which began in 1967.

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Executive Committee

In November 1917 the government of Britain issued the Balfour Declaration which promised a homeland for the Jewish people in Palestine whilst also promising to protect the rights of the existing indigenous Arab population. However, in 1915 Britain had already promised the Arabs who supported them against the Ottomans, that after the war they would be granted independence in their lands, including Palestine.

Subsequent British governments upheld the promise to create a Jewish homeland but deliberately reneged on the promise to protect the rights of the Arab inhabitants.

Thus, a homeland for the Jewish people has been achieved but the League’s ‘Sacred Trust of Civilisation‘ to facilitate Palestinian independence is still to be fulfilled. Over a hundred years ago, the stage was set for a struggle to control the land that has intensified from that day to this.

The Balfour Project was created by British citizens to highlight Britain’s record in Palestine from the 19th Century through its Mandate to the present.

Messages of Encouragement

Message from the late Bishop John Austin Baker, former Bishop of Salisbury and Chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons:

“There is no peace without repentance;
There is no repentance without knowledge;
There is no knowledge without education.

The Balfour Project so truly fulfils these principles that it can only do good, where good is desperately needed and deserves all the help we can give.

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