Balfour Project asks of our Labour Government

We have asked David Lammy, Foreign Secretary of our new Government, to change its predecessor’s policy now in several ways, consistent with the comprehensive Action Points produced after our annual conference last month.

  1. Restore British Government funding to the UN Relief and Works Agency
  2. Review officials’ advice on Israel’s compliance with International Humanitarian Law (relevant to suspension of British arms transfers)
  3. Retract our previous Government’s intervention at the International Criminal Court seeking to interfere with its independence by questioning its right to issue arrest warrants against Israel’s Prime and Defence Ministers

Thousands of you have written to your Parliamentary candidates calling for immediate British recognition of the State of Palestine. We now look to our Government to heed your call, which we will repeat and amplify.

The Balfour Project Action Points identify where change in Government policy is needed. They can be read here. If you agree, please send them to your MP for comment, and ask him/her to forward to David Lammy.

With best wishes

Andrew Whitley
Chair, Balfour Project

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