Past Events

Talks and recordings

Ardi Imseis – Unfinished Business: Why the United Kingdom Must Now Recognise the State of Palestine – January 2021

In Conversation with Leila Sansour – December 2020

Sir Vincent Fean – How will the US Presidential Elections Affect the Israel/Palestine Conflict? – November 2020

Jerusalem: From Past Divisions to a Shared Future? – October 2020

Ian Black on Unseen question? Zionism and the Palestinians under the British Mandate – October 2020

Former Israeli Ambassador Dr. Alon Liel – Is the failed formal annexation attempt a regional turning point? – September 2020

Tim Llewellyn on The Crafting of the News: the British media and the Israel-Palestine Question – August 2020

Toppling Balfour, a talk by Sarah Helm – July 2020

John McHugo on Why Britain has a Special Responsibility to the Palestinian People Today – June 2020

Andrew Whitley on The UN, Britain and Palestine/Israel – 1947 to Present Day – June 2020

Screening with Q&A – Britain in Palestine: 1917-1948 – May 2020

Sir Vincent Fean on Palestine/Israel: Britain’s role, then and now – April 2020

Events and conferences

Tragedy in Gaza: Britain’s Legacy, Scotland’s Role – March 2019

Britain Palestine Israel – 70 years on – May 2018

Report of Britain’s Broken Promise: Time for a New Approach – October 2017

Palestine, Britain and the Balfour Declaration: Dr Peter Shambrook – October 2017

Mahatma Gandhi and the Wounds of History: Palestine, India and the British Empire in the 20th century : Professor Rajmohan Gandhi – April 2017

How will we mark the centenary of the Balfour Declaration – November 2016

Balfour Declaration Centenary, 2017: towards constructive commemoration – October 2016

‘Britain in Palestine’ shown in UK Parliament – May 2016

Britain and Palestine: past history & future role – October 2015

Summaries of Durham Conference – October 2015

Talk by Sir Vincent Fean, recently retired UK Consul General in Jerusalem, at the Balfour Project annual conference – October 2015

The Balfour Project comes to the Scottish Parliament – January 2015

Commemorating the 97th Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration – October 2014

Perfidious Albion: Britain’s broken promises: the Balfour Declaration (1917) and its impact on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict: what are our responsibilities today? – September 2014

Healing the Wounds of History: Looking at the Balfour Declaration with New Eyes – October 2013

Evaluating the Balfour Declaration: Breaking the Deadlock in the Middle East – May 2013

Broken promises: Britain in Palestine – November 2012