Antisemitism Handbook

by Toby Kunin, Elah Cohen and Sylvie Maxwell Macdonald

Antisemitism, and the discourse surrounding it, is an obstacle to broad, progressive movements for peace and justice for Palestinians and Israel. This project will create a handbook intended to be circulated online, giving it a wide reach, accessibility, and use. The handbook will feature key qualitative and quantitative data on the topic of antisemitism, based on interviews with a diverse range of 20-40 academics, peace advocates, community leaders and students.

The handbook will delve into the grey areas around the issue of antisemitism, exploring the boundaries between offence, discomfort, and bigotry, so as to provide a practical toolkit for navigating this emotively and politically charged topic. The hope is that this handbook, and the social media and public launch event we will produce alongside it from the same research, will help elevate the public conversation, offer practical resources, and strengthen cross-communal solidarity.