Past conferences and lectures

Abandoning Palestine: the end of the British Mandate and our continuing responsibility – May 2022 Day One: The Collapse of the British Mandate. Day Two: Why it still matters, and what Britain should do now.

Israel/Palestine: in search of the rule of law, 2 day conference – May 2021 Moderated by conservative lawyers, politicians, and historians, this 2-day virtual conference discusses the Israel-Palestine conflict’s Rule of Law and Human Rights.

Jerusalem: From Past Divisions to a Shared Future? – October 2020 An all-day conference from the history to the future of the Holy City of Jerusalem by several respected historians, politicians, and faith leaders.

Tragedy in Gaza: Britain’s Legacy, Scotland’s RoleThe Balfour Project held conferences at Edinburgh and Glasgow Universities to examine Britain’s historical responsibility for this tragedy, and to explore what our Government and civil society can do now to advance equal rights for all who live between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. March 2019

Britain Palestine Israel – 70 years onA conference of the Balfour Project in partnership with King’s College London held in Kings College May 2018

Report of Britain’s Broken Promise: Time for a New Approach A public meeting of 1,200 people at Central Hall Westminster on at the centenary of the Balfour Declaration politicians from all parties call on the British Government to recognise Palestine as a sovereign state. October 2017

Palestine, Britain and the Balfour Declaration: Dr Peter Shambrook Lecture given at the Middle East Monitor conference Palestine Britain and the Balfour Declaration, London Oct 7th 2017 October 2017

Mahatma Gandhi and the Wounds of History: Palestine, India and the British Empire in the 20th century : Professor Rajmohan Gandhi – Rajmohan Gandhi, a historian and a grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, at a talk to 170 people in the House of Commons. The event was sponsored by the Rt Hon Tom Brake MP, the Duke of Montrose, Ian Murray MP, Dr Philippa Whitford MP and the Balfour Project April 2017

How will we mark the centenary of the Balfour Declaration – November 2016 Balfour Project conference at Southwark Cathedral, which was organised with the support of the Dean and Chapter

Balfour Declaration Centenary, 2017: towards constructive commemoration October 2016 Conference held in The Archbishop Desmond Tutu Centre for War and Peace Studies, Liverpool Hope University. Conference at Liverpool Hope University

‘Britain in Palestine’ shown in UK Parliament –Parliamentarians from all four of Britain’s main political parties sponsored a showing of ‘Britain in Palestine, 1917-1948’ in The Attlee Suite – one of the main conference suites in the British Parliament. May 2016

Britain and Palestine: past history & future role – Balfour Project’s annual conference in Durham University, reflected on Britain’s responsibilities, past and present, for today’s situation in Israel/Palestine. Summaries of Durham ConferenceTalk by Sir Vincent Fean, recently retired UK Consul General in Jerusalem, at the Balfour Project annual conference – October 2015

The Balfour Project comes to the Scottish Parliament Balfour Project presented a 3 day exhibition on Britain’s historic involvement in Palestine at the invitation of the Scottish Parliament .January 2015

Commemorating the 97th Anniversary of the Balfour DeclarationReport of Balfour Project conference, Britain in Palestine 1917-1948 in St John’s College, Oxford, October 2014

Perfidious Albion: Britain’s broken promises: the Balfour Declaration (1917) and its impact on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict: what are our responsibilities today?Lecture was given by Professor Mary Grey in the URC Church, Crondall, Northumberland for their Peace and Reconciliation centre, September 2014

Healing the Wounds of History: Looking at the Balfour Declaration with New Eyes – October 30th 2013 This was our first Anniversary Conference, the 96th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration – as near as possible to Balfour Day on November 2nd. There was enormous interest in the event, and an overfull house.

Evaluating the Balfour Declaration: Breaking the Deadlock in the Middle East – May 2013 A one day conference at The Stripe, University of Winchester exploring the different legacies of the Balfour Declaration and how a greater understanding of history can contribute to justice and peace in the Middle East today.

Broken promises: Britain in Palestine – November 2012 The first conference of the Balfour Project on British responsibility for conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. It took place at the Quaker Meeting House in Edinburgh on Friday 2nd November 2012. A full house included people of Christian, Muslim and Jewish faiths.