KS3-5 Source Analysis Masterclass

‘Colonial Practices and Resistance in Mandatory Palestine 1922-1948’

This KS3-5 source analysis masterclass empowers students with the tools – critical source analysis training – and informed historical knowledge, to decipher and interrogate historical narratives and representations of Palestine and Israel. The interactive masterclass fosters a more nuanced discourse on historical legacies shaping our world today, empowering students to engage critically with the complexities of past and present. This masterclass is also available for PGCE History training courses.

Through discussion and group activity, students gain a unique opportunity to delve into a curated selection of rich primary source material, including memoirs, photos, letters, poems, songs, oral history testimonies, and colonial documents. Bottom of FormGathered from Palestinian, Israeli, UK and US digital archives, these sources elevate perspectives and processes often silenced in histories of early 20th century Palestine and Israel and give particular attention to Palestinian and women’s agency.

The emphasis on Palestine’s colonial past offers valuable insights for a range of curricula that touch on British empire, processes of decolonisation, and 20th century Middle East, while also serving as exam preparation and a valuable introduction to undergraduate humanities degrees.

This workshop is designed and facilitated by Eibhlin Priestley, Balfour Project Education Officer and PhD Candidate at the University of Cambridge.


“The source masterclass far exceeded the (already high) expectations we had for it. Our A Level course does not directly cover the British mandate in Palestine but the extensive preparation the Education Officer had done in advance personalised the session to our course (the British Empire 1763-1914) and made it directly relevant to the type of source question on the exam.  Students have come away with a deeper understanding of the necessity of looking for silences within sourcework and the relevance of thinking about how archives are curated. We are looking forward to working with the Balfour Project more in the future.”
Estelle Cooch, Head of Humanities, Haberdashers’ Hatcham College

“It was one of the best inputs of its kind we’ve had this year; thoughtful, well resourced and planned and brilliantly delivered…a huge thank you from the trainees who seemed completely immersed in the session.”
Thomas Donnai, Subject Leader PGCE History, University of Manchester

“Your session was such a highlight for [the students], they completed a survey recently and they mentioned your session specifically as being particularly useful and interesting.”
Rachael Moore, Subject Leader PGCE History, University of Worcester

Important information

  • Our speakers hold enhanced DBS checks.
  • As we offer both our workshops free of charge, we ask that schools cover travel expenses for London-based speakers.
  • Our speakers require access to a laptop and projector to deliver PowerPoint presentations.

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