Film of Britain in Palestine, 1917-1948

With Arabic and Hebrew subtitles


  • This is an excellent short 18-min video from @BalfourProject explaining briefly but super-clearly how British colonialism has caused a century of war in Palestine. In English, with Arabic & Hebrew subtitles … Mathew Teller @matthewteller Jan 2022
  • Britain in Palestine 1917 – 1948 is a clear, precise and factual explanation of the historical origins of the Arab-Israeli conflict. For anyone who wants to develop a real understanding of the issue but is intimidated by it’s complexity, this film is the place to start. Judah Passow
  • I am asking permission to show this film which brilliantly puts into perspective the role the United Kingdom played in Mandate Palestine from 1917-1948. Rabbi Howard Finkelstein, Ontario 

Telling the story of 30 complex years in less than 20 minutes is a challenge, and so the narrative is a simple one. Many of you will know much more about the history. For those that do not, and would like to delve deeper, we have produced a Companion Guide to expand on the points raised in the film. It is available for £10 + postage. If you want to get an idea of the contents of the Companion Guide the section on the Balfour Declaration can be read here.

In the next few years we are going to live through the centenaries of some key moments when Britain intervened in Palestine 100 years ago. Interest will grow in this subject, and questions will be asked. Yet this is a topic most of us never studied at school. This is why we in the Balfour Project decided to make this film, to provide an educational resource that would allow audiences to reach their own conclusions about the rights and wrongs of this emotive subject. We have tried to set out the facts as objectively as we could, and simply answer these questions:

– What did Britain do in Palestine and why?
– What were the consequences?

There have been painful consequences of Britain’s history in Palestine. How will our country respond? That is the question posed by this film.

The film uses some amazing vintage photographs to tell the story, many of them taken by the American Colony Photographic Department in Jerusalem.

The Companion Guide has been professionally written for us, and gives fascinating background to the history introduced in the film. To give you an idea of what is in it  see the section on the Balfour Declaration. The Companion Guide to our film ‘Britain in Palestine 1917-1948’


The film now has subtitles in English, Arabic and Hebrew. To access these click on the CC link on the video.

Acknowledgement. We are very grateful to those who gave their time and skills to translate and to create the subtitle files for the film. Ian Tyack created the files using ZOOsubs. Lou’ay Charafeddin in Lebanon translated the Arabic text and Abdallah Ali did a final edit and entered the Arabic into ZOOsubs. For the Hebrew Revital Sella translated the text, Matan Rosenstrauch then edited and prepared the text for entry into Zoo subs and Ian Tyack created the final file.

It is made for educational, non-profit purposes only.  As such, any public performance, distribution, copying or other use is strictly prohibited without written consent.

If you would like to show the film for educational, non-profit purposes, write to  Please make sure to include your name and address and what you have in mind.

To the best of the producers’ knowledge and belief, all images are in the public domain unless accredited.

© Balfour Project, 2019

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