‘We Need a Ceasefire Now!’ Sir Vincent Fean on Deep Dive Palestine Podcast
How Gazans view Hamas

A Palestinian from Gaza explains how his family and fellow refugees and Gazans view and live with Hamas, as protector, provider and political leadership in an era of constant siege, lack of a future and now genocidal attack. More

KEYS: A Troubled Inheritance Podcast ​

An epic journey to uncover a Holocaust inheritance leads relentlessly to discovering a Nakba inheritance: two catastrophes that are very different, but very connected. More

Britain's 'Policy of Deceit'

Colonial Office records clearly show that the British government knew that they had promised Palestine to the Arabs but suppressed it and continue to do so. More

Why this genocidal war must stop now

Holocaust scholar Omer Bartov pleads for end to the brutalisation of the Israelis and the Palestinians in this never-ending conflict. More

Israel's top-level bunglers

Menachem Klein, in Jerusalem, on the politicians and generals who continue to build on failure. More

The assassination factory

Evidence from Israeli military sources shows that avoiding civilian casualties in Gaza is not a priority, and AI guidance makes bombing yet more random. More