Peace, Justice and Equal Rights in Israel/Palestine

Our Mission: Acknowledging Britain’s historic and continuing responsibilities to uphold equal rights for the Israeli and Palestinian peoples through popular education and advocacy.  To persuade the British Government to recognise the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel.



A new approach to Israel/Palestine

A former UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, argues that Oslo has failed, and that a new human rights approach to the conflict is required, recognising the asymmetry between the two sides. More

Featured Article

Balfour in the Levant, Spring 1925. Orates in Jerusalem, Tours Palestine, Flees Syria, By William M. Mathew More


We hold monthly free Zoom webinars on various topics concerning Palestine/Israel. Our next free webinar is Jonathan Kuttab on Beyond the two-state solution - The role of the UK. More

Britain's Crucial Role

In 1915 Britain offered an Arab state including Palestine. Two years later in 1917 they reneged on this promise and issued the Balfour Declaration. Britain’s Imperial ambitions and other motives and pressures caused it to break other promises including its promise of self-determination to all the peoples of Palestine while enabling the creation of a Jewish homeland. More

The Current Debate

We aim to deliver responsible news and commentary on events and developments in Israel and Palestine, and British and worldwide reaction to them. More

Fellows Projects

One of this year's Balfour Project peace advocacy fellows' projects by Gilang Al Ghifari Lukman, Jack Walton, Martha Scott-Cracknell, Omar Sharif, Sarah Chaya Smith. More