FILM: Gaza A Story Of Love And War

Two journalists meet to share stories over a Zoom link. One is Welsh and unable to get into Gaza. The other is Palestinian and unable to get out. More

Balfour Project Annual Conference on Gaza

In London and online, and followed by a reception for all speakers and attendees. On 6 June, in partnership with the History Dept of King’s College London. More

Evangelicals, the Balfour Declaration and Zionism

As a Pastor in Bethlehem commented the problems the Palestinians face did not start with the Balfour Declaration in 1917 they started with English Evangelicals in the 1840s. Anita Shapira comments these evangelical's ideas were passed on to Jewish circles. More

UK must fight for UNRWA

The British Government must join the battle to foil Israel's political plot to destroy UNRWA, the aid agency that for 75 years has been the Palestinian refugees' lifeline for food, care and education, says Andrew Whitley, Balfour Project Trustees Chair and a former UNRWA staffer in the Near East and New York HQ. More

The 100 year's war for Palestine started in London

Read the statements of some of the main players from the 19th century, through the promises to the Arabs then Jews and the development of Britain's mandate which ensured there would be no Palestinian state. More

Latest Webinar: Getting aid into Gaza

Watch or listen to the recording of our most recent webinar with Mr Andrea De Domenico, Head of OCHA in the OPT on 1st May. More

Israel's AI bombing spree in Gaza

Tens of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza were arbitrarily marked for death and killed by Israel's human-target Lavender robots, according to an invvestigation by the +972 and Local Call Israeli news outlets. More

Israel settlers purge West Bank villages

A special report from Donald Macintyre on how sustained violent Jewish settler attacks on Palestinian villagers in the South Hebron hills amount to ethnic cleansing, intensified under cover of the distraction of the war on Gaza. More