Peace, Justice and Equal Rights in Palestine/Israel

Israel's 'one regime' changes everything

The conflict's centre of gravity has moved from the post-1967 periphery to the heart of Israel-Palestine, argues Menachem Klein. More

Next Webinar: An Eye Witness account of my time as an Ecumenical Accompanier

Ann Wilson spent 3 months monitoring human rights violations and breaches of international humanitarian law in East Jerusalem and other parts of the West Bank. Ann will provide an eye witness account of what she observed. More

McMahon, Sykes, Balfour: British Palestine Policy 1915-1917

By William M. Mathew, Senior Fellow in History, UEA. Lecture given as part of the Contemporary Middle East Lecture Programme, SOAS More

The Balfour Project Fellowship Programme for 2022/23

The seven Fellows projects for the coming year range across a wider than ever spectrum of Palestine-related topics. Read the details as work begins. More

The 1920 Jerusalem riots

The Palin Commission was the first of a series of inquiries which were set up by the British government in order to examine the causes of violence in Palestine before and during the British Mandate (or 'in the inter-war years'). By Mike Scott-Baumann More


From BCE, through the Middle Ages with persecution of Jews in Western Europe and a welcoming Poland, to 1948. With particular emphasis on Britain's involvement from the 1840s to end of the Mandate. More