Destruction of Gaza’s health system

And the need to restore hope with Professor Nick Maynard. Watch or llisten to the recordings from this webinar from 13th February 2024. More

Balfour Project welcomes ICJ ruling

We fully endorse the ICJ's ruling that Israel take steps to prevent genocide, and we repeat our call for an immediate ceasefire and the release of all hostages and prisoners. More

Our Government is wrong, says the Balfour Project

Our Government has suspended future UK funding for the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which is by far the most important and effective provider of humanitarian and development assistance to Palestinian refugees in Gaza and the region. More

The Palestine Deception

How the British people first heard of Britain's promises to Emir Husain, and how the Government tried to distort their meaning, as reported by JMN Jeffries in a series of articles in the Daily Mail in 1923. More

A Gaza journey

Sami Abu Salem, a Palestinian in Gaza, and a central contributor to our podcast series KEYS: A Troubled Inheritance, tells the story of taking his family south under the bombs of the Israelis. More

The 100 year's war for Palestine started in London

Read the statements of some of the main players from the 19th century, through the promises to the Arabs then Jews and the development of Britain's mandate which ensured there would be no Palestinian state. More

Next Webinar: Nadav Tamir, Executive Director of J Street Israel

How to turn the tragedy into a strategic opportunity with Nadav Tamir, Executive Director of J Street Israel. Monday 4th March 2024 at 3pm UK time More

Israel's day of disaster

An insiders' account of Israel's chaotic responses to the Hamas break-out attack on 7 Oct, and the fatal mistakes that followed. More

The Hamas post-war role

Menachem Klein, in Jerusalem, explains why Hamas will have to be part of any realistic plan for peace and an Israeli-Palestinian solution when the war ceases. More