Peace, Justice and Equal Rights in Palestine/Israel

THE UN, the World Court and Israel’s 55-year occupation

Andrew Whitley, Chair of the Balfour Project Trustees, introduces an article by Hugh Lovatt, of the European Council on Foreign Affairs, on the UN General Assembly decision to ask the World Court to give its opinion on Israel’s occupation and annexation of Palestinian territory. More

Next Webinar: British Pacification in Mandate Palestine, 1936-39

Matthew Hughes is Chair in military history at Brunel University London. His most recent book Britain’s Pacification of Palestine: the British Army, the Colonial State and the Arab Revolt, 1936-39 came out with Cambridge University Press in 2019. More

The McMahon promise to Hussein

By Roger Spooner. In 1915 Sir Henry McMahon, British High Commissioner in Egypt, offered Sherif Hussein of Mecca an independent Arab state if he would help the British fight against the Ottoman Turks. More

Film of Britain in Palestine, 1917-1948

This is a clear, precise and factual explanation of the historical origins of the Arab-Israeli conflict. For anyone who wants to develop a real understanding of the issue but is intimidated by it’s complexity, this film is the place to start. More

The 1920 Jerusalem riots

The Palin Commission was the first of a series of inquiries which were set up by the British government in order to examine the causes of violence in Palestine before and during the British Mandate (or 'in the inter-war years'). By Mike Scott-Baumann More


From BCE, through the Middle Ages with persecution of Jews in Western Europe and a welcoming Poland, to 1948. With particular emphasis on Britain's involvement from the 1840s to end of the Mandate. More