Webinar recording: Upholding international law: dream or reality?

Catch up on an exclusive Friends of the Balfour Project meeting with international law expert Dr Ardi Imseis. In this seminar Dr Imseis addresses the illegality of the 1967 Occupation, anticipates the ICJ advisory opinion, and urges the UK to recognize Palestine, resume UNRWA funding, and withdraw its ICC application protecting Netanyahu. More

Balfour Project asks of our Labour Government

Andrew Whitley writes to David Lammy, Foreign Secretary of the new Labour government, calling for a change its predecessor’s policy in three immediate ways. More

The end of a Palestinian village

The Balfour Project's Lara Bird-Leakey reports on the imminent destruction of Umm al Khair, in the South Hebron Hills, and how the village leaders' mission to the UK four months ago yielded them no help at all from Britain's political leaders. More

UN human rights report on Gaza

Israel is responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity in its ongoing onslaught against the Palestinians of Gaza, says the report, also citing Palestinian fighters for war crimes on 7 Oct. The Balfour Project position is clear: all the guilty should be held accountable. Does the UK Government agree? More

Israel learned methods to suppress Palestinians from British forces

From reshaping land ownership through land laws in 1920 to the brutal suppression of the Arab revolt using administrative detention, house demolition, assassination, exile and collective punishment, Britain ensured there would be no Palestinian state and significantly shaped the region's history. More

Lobbying for Zionism in the UK and US

Peter Oborne reviews Ilan Pappe's devastating expose of the power of Zionist propagandists in influencing the political decisions and public perceptions of Israel among the English-speaking peoples; and of Zionism's deep roots in English Christian evangelical thinking. More