A New Judaism?
6 July 2024
By Menachem Klein

UK Election 2024: the parties reply on Gaza
28 June 2024

Israeli authorities, Palestinian armed groups responsible for war crimes, grave violations of international law, UN Inquiry finds
12 June 2024

Gaza war ‘may be a curtain call’ for international order, Amnesty chief warns
7 June 2024
By Kathering Hearst in the Middle East Eye

An expose of Israel’s covert war on the ICC
28 May 2024

Email your MP to push for British recognition of Palestine NOW
10 May 2024

Queen Rania of Jordan: ‘What’s happening in Gaza today… is a war crime’
3 May 2024

Life, violence and destruction under Israel’s settlers: Masafer Yatta tells its story
7 April 2024
By Lara Bird-Leakey

Violent Israeli settler purges of Palestinians in South Hebron Hills under Gaza war cover
By Donald Macintyre
15 April 2024

Israel’s Government is eliminating the Green Line – with money
By Tali Heruti-Sover
9 April 2024

Netanyahu is not the only one interested in prolonging the war
By Menachem Klein
9 April 2024

UK should stop sending arms to Israel
By Peter Ricketts
9 April 2024

For the love of God, this war must stop… and it must stop now
By Bishop Christopher Chessun
5 April 2024

‘Lavender’: The AI machine directing Israel’s bombing spree in Gaza
By Yuval Abraham
3 April 2024

The true story behind the ethnic cleansing of the Nakba
By John McHugo, Balfour Project Trustee
30 March 2024

Open Letter to Trade Secretary Kemi Badenoch and Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron
26 March 2024

UN ceasefire call over Gaza is good start – but insufficient
By Andrew Whitley, Chair of Balfour Project Trustees
26 March 2024

An end to the killing in Gaza: global Christian leaders’ letter
25 March 2024

Middle East Studies Association speaks out against cultural genocide
16 March 2024

Nidal Younis Exposes Israel’s Silent Ethnic Cleansing of the West Bank
Deep Dive Podcast Episode with the Mayor of Massafer Yatta
10 March 2024

Britain must fight back now against Israel’s political onslaught on UNRWA
By Andrew Whitley, Chair of Balfour Project Trustees
5 March 2024

Statement of Philippe Lazzarini, the Commissioner-General of UNRWA to the General Assembly
4 March 2024

A symbolic vote
Arab Digest
26 February 2024

The Boycott Bill: ‘another pernicious piece of legislation’—Lord Hain
By Tim Llewellyn
24 February 2024

We must work with the US to stop a massacre in Rafah
By Sir Vincent Fean
18 February 2024

After 7 Oct: Israel’s search for victory: a personal statement on the war
By Menachem Klein 
14 February 2024

The Hamas narrative of 7 Oct, and the impossibility of ignoring it
By Menachem Klein
2 Feb 2024

Helen Clark urges UNRWA donors to immediately resume funding
2 February 2024

BBC News – UK considering recognising Palestine state, Lord Cameron says
31  January 2024

British Government suspension of future funding for UNRWA
31 January 2024

Sir Vincent Fean on The World Tonight – BBC Sounds
30 January 2024

The West is siding with Israel in its long war against the UN refugee agency
By Jonathan Cook
30 January 2024

The Elders call for immediate compliance by Israel with ICJ provisional measures
29 January 2024

UK must take action against Israel after ICJ ruling of plausible genocide
26 Janary 2024

Patron Bishop Christopher calls for ceasefire ‘to end appalling suffering’ in Gaza – The Diocese of Southwark
19 January 2024

The greater goal in Gaza: For lasting peace, Israel must end its occupation of Palestinian land
By Marwan Muasher
15 January 2024

A cautionary tale: how Israel was caught napping by Hamas on 7 Oct
12 January 2024

Mr. Martin Griffiths, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator – Briefing to the UN Security Council on the humanitarian situation in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory
12 January 2024

War on Gaza: The West’s military action against the Houthis is doomed to fail
By Richard Burden
12 January 2024

West ‘colluding in terrible failure’ in Gaza, warns Peter Hain
2 January 2024

The Holy Land: what happened in Palestine by Trustee John McHugo in The Tablet
December 2023

Many more will die from attacks, disease and famine if we do not stop the humanitarian catastrophe: UK statement at the UN Security Council
29 December 2023

Letter to the Foreign Secretary: ceasefire now
19 December 2023

Letter to the Israeli Ambassador from Amnesty International about Anas Abu Srour
1 December 2023

Christian Church leaders worldwide urge Sunak to back ceasefire now
29th November 2023

The Hamas attack and Israel’s War on Gaza: ‘a place where no human being can exist’
By Omer Bartov
24th November 2023

‘We Need a Ceasefire Now!’ Sir Vincent Fean on Deep Dive Palestine Podcast
16th November 2023

Dear President Biden: The Elders’ open letter on Israel and Palestine
16th November 2023

Gaza ceasefire now
Balfour Project Statement
14th November 2023

Sir Vincent Fean, Balfour Project Trustee on LBC with Matt Frei
11th November 2023

Sir Vincent Fean, Balfour Project Trustee, on Al Jazeera Inside Story
9th November 2023

Gaza before the Nakba…and under occupation, siege and invasion
Palestinian-American lawyer, activist and academic Noura Erekat
1st November 2023

Sir Vincent Fean interview with Al Jazeera English
2nd November 2023

Gaza and international law: SOAS “Influencing the Corridors of Power” briefing note
by Sir Vincent Fean and Mike Scott-Baumann
31st October 2023

Food, water and fuel deprivation used as collective punishment, says UNRWA chief
UN leaders speak reason in the midst of madness
27 October 2023

The laws of war must guide Israel’s response to Hamas atrocity
From Lord Neuberger, Former President of the UK Supreme Court, Philippe Sands KC, Sandra Fredman, University of Oxford, Richard Hermer KC, Danny Friedman KC, Anthony Metzer KC,  Jon Turner KC, Adam Wagner
18 October 2023

Balfour Project evidence to the Commons Foreign Affairs Ctee on the viability of the two-state solution
14 October 2023

The Balfour Project condemns Hamas atrocities and calls on Israel to desist from also committing War Crimes
13 October 2023

One on One: Britain, Palestine and a history of broken promises
Middle East Eye video interview with Peter Shambrook
25 September 2023

The DOP, Oslo and 1993+: Archetype of a Failure
By Daniel Levy
13 September 2023

The Boycott bill: Britain’s political gift to Netanyahu
By Peter Oborne

Much Ado About What? Evidence Submitted to House of Commons Committee on the Economic Activity of Public Bodies (Overseas Matters) Public Bill
By Andrew Whitley
7 September 2023

Michael Gove’s bad Bill – an update
By Sir Vincent Fean
18 August 2023

Varying degrees of imprisonment in the Occupied Palestinian Territory
By Francesca Albanese
16 August 2023

US Jews urged to condemn Israeli occupation amid Netanyahu censure
By Chris McGreal
15 August 2023

The International Court of Justice should rule on the legality of the 1967 Occupation
By Sir Vincent Fean

Friendship and twinning between Britain and Palestine: a mark of recognition and solidarity
By Maha Sadka

‘We are in a civil war over Israel’s national identity’
By Menachem Klein
28 July 2023

In the looming civil war, the Israeli right has the upper hand
By Menachem Klein
24 July 2023

New report from Save the Children: “Injustice: Palestinian children’s experience of the Israeli military detention system”
31 July 2023

All Palestinians and Israelis deserve to live in peace: UK statement at the Security Council
27 July 2023

Balfour Project hails former world leaders’ honest assessment, compared with UK’s ‘mealy-mouthed platitudes’
28 July 2023

My father, and his struggle with the British and their plots against Palestine
14 July 2023

Government’s new Bill drives coach and horses through the UK’s claim to uphold human rights and international law.
20 June 2023

New report reveals human rights violations because of IHRA definition of antisemitism
6 June 2023

Netanyahu sacking – Letter in The Times
28 March 2023

How the US persistently shields Israel from accountability at the UN by Michael Lynk

From the new colonies to the metropolis: how the one regime changes the Israel-Palestine question, by Menachem Klein

Diplomatic missions visit Palestinian community threatened with demolition
30 January 2023

Israel and Palestine: neighbours, yet worlds apart – and why Britain matters
Sir Vincent Fean in The Ambassador Partnership
19 January 2023

The UK opposes all unilateral actions that will make Israeli-Palestinian peace harder to achieve
18 January 2023

What Do We Do Now? By Menachem Klein
Next year will mark the 30th anniversary of the Oslo Accords. The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) had accepted the two-state solution five years earlier, and Europe had adopted it eight years prior to that in the Venice Declaration. Since then, the reality in the territories Israel occupied in 1967 has changed radically. What is relevant is the reality of the new situation. And a new situation demands that we courageously examine the validity of our past thoughts and actions.

The Status Quo governing Jerusalem’s holy sites preserves peace: UK statement at the Security Council
5 January 2023

THE UN, the World Court and Israel’s 55-year occupation of the Palestinian Territories
1 January 2023

Palestine/Israel: Prime Minister Netanyahu’s annexationist policies must have consequences
21 December 2022

This new Israeli Government? ‘They don’t care about the world’—Israel ex-Ambassador Alon Liel
6 December 2022

Football’s coming home…for the Palestinians
13 December 2022

How can Britain Help Right the Historic Wrong that it Committed Against the Palestinian People? A podcast with Andrew Whitley, Balfour Project Chair
30 November 2022

‘Grave concern’ for increasing instability in West Bank and Jerusalem, says UK
28 November 2022

UN committee votes to ask International Court to decide on Israel ‘annexation’ of OPT
14 November 2022

Rightwing group pushing US states for law blocking ‘political boycott’ of firms
11 November 2022
Chris MCGreal, The Guardian

Israel’s new racist totalitarianism will have implications beyond the Middle East
5 November 2022
Donald MacIntyre, The i

Will Sunak persevere with the Boycott Bill to outlaw local councils’ ethical investment decisions?
26 October 2022
Richard Burden, Balfour Project Trustee

Commission of Inquiry finds Israeli occupation unlawful under international law
20 October 2022

Balfour Project patron joins Israel protest by former European diplomats

New anti-colonial UN report gives Palestinians welcome boost in legitimacy wars
27 October
Richard Falk in the Middle East Eye

Liz Truss under pressure to drop ‘reckless’ UK Israel embassy move
Financial Times

Embassy move to Jerusalem

British empire: The forgotten Victorian crusade to colonise Palestine
11 October 2022
Gabriel Polley in the Middle East Eye

Arthur Balfour’s forgotten role in creating a racialised imperial academia Nicola Perugini

For anyone with Palestinian roots like me, Netflix’s sitcom Mo is groundbreaking TV Arwa Mahdawi

Charles III: How the new king became the most pro-Islam monarch in British history, Peter Oborne

The situation on the ground demonstrates the urgent need to make progress towards a Two-State Solution
25 August 2022
Statement by UK Ambassador James Kariuki at the Security Council meeting on the situation in the Middle East

Statement by Daniel Levy, President, US/Middle East Project, to the UN Security Council,
25 August 2022

Statement on planning application for new settlement in the West Bank
25 August 2022
On 12 September a planning committee in the West Bank will consider an application from the Israeli Defence Ministry for a large new settlement project in the E1 area of the West Bank, to the east of Jerusalem.

Israel Raids Outlawed Palestinian Rights Groups’ Offices in West Bank By Hagar Shezaf
19 August 2022
Defense Minister Benny Gantz declared six Palestinian human rights groups terrorist organizations in 2021, however, several European countries claim Israel had failed to prove these allegations.

Episcopal Church in Ramallah raided by Israeli military
18 August 2022
Early this morning, Israeli forces made an unannounced and unwarranted raid on the premises of St Andrew’s Anglican Church in Ramallah.

Workshop on teaching the history of Israel-Palestine in schools by Mike Scott-Baumann
18 August 2022
On Saturday, 25 June, the Balfour Project hosted an online workshop to encourage more schools to teach this subject. 

WATCH ONLINE: Raja Shehadeh: To Absent Fathers
15 August 2022
We Could Have Been Friends, My Father And I is the Palestinian author’s finest, most profoundly moving book to date. He appears in conversation with Esa Aldegheri.

Urging all parties to ensure the ceasefire in Gaza is durable and prevents further violence: UK statement to UN Security Council
15 August 2022
Statement by Ambassador James Kariuki at the Security Council briefing on the situation in Gaza

Strangers in My House’: Letters an Expelled Palestinian Sent David Ben-Gurion in 1948, Revealed by Sheren Falah Saab
10 August 2022
Sami Saada was expelled from his apartment in Haifa and in an attempt to reclaim the property sent letters to Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion. The letters went unanswered, but found their way into a new book.

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