Liz Truss moving UK embassy to Jerusalem would be disastrous Avi Shlaim

Moving the British embassy to Jerusalem would be an outrage Donald MacIntyre

Prime Minister’s Promise to ‘Review’ Moving the UK Embassy to Jerusalem
22 September 2022
Prime Minister Liz Truss has told the Israeli Prime Minister that she will ‘review’ the location of HM Embassy to Israel. Here is a well-argued letter to our Foreign Secretary explaining why this would be wrong.

Charles III: How the new king became the most pro-Islam monarch in British history, Peter Oborne

The situation on the ground demonstrates the urgent need to make progress towards a Two-State Solution
25 August 2022
Statement by UK Ambassador James Kariuki at the Security Council meeting on the situation in the Middle East

Statement by Daniel Levy, President, US/Middle East Project, to the UN Security Council,
25 August 2022

Statement on planning application for new settlement in the West Bank
25 August 2022
On 12 September a planning committee in the West Bank will consider an application from the Israeli Defence Ministry for a large new settlement project in the E1 area of the West Bank, to the east of Jerusalem.

Israel Raids Outlawed Palestinian Rights Groups’ Offices in West Bank By Hagar Shezaf
19 August 2022
Defense Minister Benny Gantz declared six Palestinian human rights groups terrorist organizations in 2021, however, several European countries claim Israel had failed to prove these allegations.

Episcopal Church in Ramallah raided by Israeli military
18 August 2022
Early this morning, Israeli forces made an unannounced and unwarranted raid on the premises of St Andrew’s Anglican Church in Ramallah.

Workshop on teaching the history of Israel-Palestine in schools by Mike Scott-Baumann
18 August 2022
On Saturday, 25 June, the Balfour Project hosted an online workshop to encourage more schools to teach this subject. 

WATCH ONLINE: Raja Shehadeh: To Absent Fathers
15 August 2022
We Could Have Been Friends, My Father And I is the Palestinian author’s finest, most profoundly moving book to date. He appears in conversation with Esa Aldegheri.

Urging all parties to ensure the ceasefire in Gaza is durable and prevents further violence: UK statement to UN Security Council
15 August 2022
Statement by Ambassador James Kariuki at the Security Council briefing on the situation in Gaza

Strangers in My House’: Letters an Expelled Palestinian Sent David Ben-Gurion in 1948, Revealed by Sheren Falah Saab
10 August 2022
Sami Saada was expelled from his apartment in Haifa and in an attempt to reclaim the property sent letters to Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion. The letters went unanswered, but found their way into a new book.

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