Fellows Projects


Legacies and Possibilities: Perspectives on Palestinian Heritage by Archie Williams, Amber Khan and Cecilia Cáceres Juan

Life in Late Ottoman and Mandatory Palestine: a Social History Workshop for Secondary Schools by Eibhlin Priestley and Jean Franco

Live Literature: Palestine and Israel by Emily Abdeni-Holman and Salma Altabari

Opportunities For Encounter- Christian Tours and Pilgrimages to The Holy Land (Israel and Palestine) by Anne-Marie Clements and Rebecca Argall

The Threat of Expulsion in Masafer Yatta by Douglas Gerrard, Pyla Bird-Leakey and Maya Novi


Bedouins in Area C by Adam Abdalla, Jordan Jones, Stav Salpeter

IHRA Report Project by Gilang Al Ghifari Lukman, Jack Walton, Martha Scott-Cracknell, Omar Sharif, Sarah Chaya Smith

Israel-Palestine in Schools in the UK by Aimée-Stephanie Reid, Haneen Zeglam, Sam Lytton Cobbold

Mapping: An art exhibition exploring homeland, identity and British colonialism in Israel-Palestine by Rosie Richards and Francesca Vawdrey

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