The Fellowship Programme

2022-23 Peace Advocacy Fellows

The Balfour Project launched the first pilot Peace Advocacy Fellowship in 2019. Since then there have been three further cohorts. The Fellowship is open to final year undergraduate, postgraduate students and those in their gap year based in the UK.

Fellows are given the opportunity to make a tangible contribution to the work of the Balfour Project by campaigning for peace through advocacy and educational activities within their academic institution and/or with the wider public.

For further information about the programme including examples of projects, click here to see the Fellowship Coordination Team in conversation.

Programme Structure

The Fellowship programme accommodates two types of Fellows: Associate Fellows and Intern Fellows. All Fellows are expected to take part in the Balfour Project training programme consisting of knowledge and skills workshops led by experts on topics including international law, history, psychology of conflict, public speaking, campaigning, and event planning.

Alongside the training programme, Intern Fellows are expected to develop group projects within the cohort on areas related to Israel/Palestine that they feel passionate about. The Fellowship programme puts an emphasis on active projects, such as campaigns, workshops, campus events and panel discussions. Read more about previous and current Fellows projects here.

Read the table below to find out more about the distinction between Associate and Intern Fellows.


2023/24 Training Programme