Future Events

Day One: The Collapse of the British Mandate. Day Two: Why it still matters, and what Britain should do now.

Education Workshop: Israel-Palestine in secondary schools & having the confidence to teach it

This is a three-hour FREE workshop being hosted by the Balfour Project on the morning of Saturday 25 June from 10.00 till 13.00 UK time.

The workshop is primarily for secondary school history teachers but anyone interested in the teaching of Palestine – Israel is very welcome to join us. The sessions will include short presentations, discussions and Q & As.

Our objective is to persuade more schools to teach about Israel – Palestine, because of the importance of the subject in Britain’s past, present and future, and its continuing importance to international human rights, international law, peace, justice and equality. 

Details of the programme, when finalised, will be sent to those who register. The whole workshop will be recorded and uploaded on the day to the Balfour Project website for the benefit of those unable to attend.