Balfour Project Points of View

Balfour Project asks of our Labour Government
Andrew Whitley
8 July 2024

Israel’s settlers on the rampage in Masafer Yatta threaten to obliterate Umm al-Khair
Lara Bird-Leakey, EXCO member
27 June 2024

Middle East Peace
John Bond, Advisory Forum Member
11 June 2024

Urge your candidate to commit for British recognition of Palestine NOW
8 June 2024

Church Times Letter to the Editor: Pensions Board and Palestinians
7 June 2024

Like Ireland and more than 140 other countries, it is time the UK recognised the state of Palestine
Sir Vincent Fean in The Independent
27 May 2024

Balfour Project calls on Britain to back the International Criminal Court
20 May 2024

Balfour Project Action Points for UK Government
14 May 2024

For the love of God, this war must stop… and it must stop now
By Bishop Christopher Chessun, Patron
5 April 2024

The true story behind the ethnic cleansing of the Nakba
By John McHugo, Trustee
30 March 2024

Open Letter to Trade Secretary Kemi Badenoch and Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron
26 March 2024

UN ceasefire call over Gaza is good start – but insufficient
By Andrew Whitley, Chair of Balfour Project Trustees
26 March 2024

An end to the killing in Gaza: global Christian leaders’ letter
25 March 2024

Britain must fight back now against Israel’s political onslaught on UNRWA
By Andrew Whitley, Chair
5 March 2024

The Boycott Bill: ‘another pernicious piece of legislation’—Lord Hain
By Tim Llewellyn, Executive Committee
24 February 2024

We must work with the US to stop a massacre in Rafah
By Sir Vincent Fean, Trustee
18 February 2024

British Government suspension of future funding for UNRWA – Our Government is wrong, says the Balfour Project
1 February 2024

Sir Vincent Fean on The World Tonight – BBC Sounds
30 January 2024

Patron Bishop Christopher calls for ceasefire ‘to end appalling suffering’ in Gaza – The Diocese of Southwark
21 January 2024

War on Gaza: The West’s military action against the Houthis is doomed to fail
By Richard Burden, Trustee
13 January 2024

Letter to the Foreign Secretary: ceasefire now
21 December 2023

‘We Need a Ceasefire Now!’ Sir Vincent Fean on Deep Dive Palestine Podcast
17 November 2023

Sir Vincent Fean on LBC with Matt Frei
11 November 2023

Sir Vincent Fean on Al Jazeera – Some leaders are more concerned about Gaza’s future than ending war now
9 November 2023

Sir Vincent Fean interview with Al Jazeera English
2 November 2023

Britain’s Policy of Deceit
By Peter Shambrook, Trustee
21 October 2023

The Balfour Project condemns Hamas atrocities and calls on Israel to desist from also committing War Crimes
13 October 2023

Sir Vincent Fean on LBC
13 October 2023

Much Ado About What? Evidence Submitted to House of Commons Committee on the Economic Activity of Public Bodies (Overseas Matters) Public Bill
By Andrew Whitley, Chair
5 September 2023

Michael Gove’s bad Bill – an update
By Sir Vincent Fean, Trustee
18 August 2023

Balfour Project hails former world leaders’ honest assessment, compared with UK’s ‘mealy-mouthed platitudes’
By Andrew Whitley, Chair
28 July 2023

Letter from Balfour Project Chair to Sir Keir Starmer on the Economic Activities of Public Bodies (Overseas Matters) Bill
By Andrew Whitley, Chair
30 June 2023

Sir Vincent Fean on Palestine/Israel: Britain’s role, then and now
August 2021

Sir Vincent Fean on Sky News
14 May 2021

Sir Vincent Fean on the BBC
12 May 2021

Past Webinar: The UN, Britain and Palestine/Israel – 1947 to Present Day
By Andrew Whitley, Trustee
June 2020

You are right, Prime Minister: Israel needs a Palestinian State. We should recognise it, now: Open Letter to Boris Johnson
By Sir Vincent Fean, Chair
22 January 2020