’My Past- Our Future’ podcast

by Valentin Herdeg and Jasmine Moore

Everyone is talking about Israel and Palestine. Yet, the voices of young people, especially within traditional media are largely absent. It is crucial, however, to encourage conversations and listen to young people. If there is one truth about this conflict, then that it won’t be over soon. It will take new generations to fight for justice and peace in the region. We belief that there are not enough of platforms that host diverse viewpoints and encourage constructive discussions, especially among young people.

We want to create a podcast that hosts conversations amongst this year’s Balfour Project Fellows. Our aim is to empower young people to talk about Israel/Palestine, ask questions and maybe find answers. In a social climate that makes it increasingly difficult to empathise with different experiences and viewpoints, we want to use the diversity of our cohort to tell our stories, listen to other stories and write new stories together.