Other resources For learning / teaching about human rights / citizenship / controversial issues

Amnesty International UK  

Right Here Right Now, Teaching Citizenship through Human Rights – Key Stage 3 (11-14 years)

Association for Citizenship Teaching

British Institute of Human Rights

Children’s Rights Alliance for England

Citizenship Foundation

Council of Europe

Curriculum for Cohesion 

Global Learning Programme  

Ministry of Justice

National School of Government: Human rights e-learning pack

Oxfam Education

Sadaka, The Ireland Palestine Alliance: Education Pack ‘Palestine & Israel – How will there be a Just Peace? Intended to support young people in critically exploring conflict and peace building within a framework of Human Rights and International Law. Looks specifically at the Palestinian/Israeli situation, providing an opportunity to increase knowledge and understanding, develop skills of critical analysis, and share the experiences of those working towards a peaceful outcome.

Save the Children

Think Global

United Nations Association-UK

UNICEF Woolf Institute  

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