Tik Tok/social media project

by Lily Wood, Becky Beard, Elah Cohen and Kira Nygren

We know that there is a demand amongst young people for fair, balanced, and accurate information surrounding the Israel-Palestine conflict. Yet many young people feel that they do not know which resources to go to, or that they do not have the time to read extensively around the subject. Furthermore, much of the public are unaware of the historic role of Britain in the conflict and our responsibility today. Many people want to get involved with activism but don’t know what they can do.

This project aims to leverage the popularity and reach of social media platforms, specifically TikTok and Instagram, to promote awareness and engagement regarding its mission. The project primarily targets a younger demographic, recognising the influence and engagement levels within this age group on these platforms.

By strategically utilising engaging content formats such as short videos on TikTok and visually appealing posts on Instagram, our project aims to educate and inform the audience about historical events, debunk myths, and foster a nuanced understanding of the Israel-Palestine conflict. The content will encompass various themes, including current events, myth debunking, a study of history and the importance of interpretation, language and terminology analysis (e.g., the two-state solution), recognition of Palestine, and reviews/recommendations/summaries of relevant books and articles.