UK’s Contribution to the Surveillance Industry of Israel: A Palestinian Prospective

by Adnan Mahmud

The objective of this project is to bring attention to the issue of the use of harsh surveillance
measures by the State of Israel towards its Palestinian and Arab populations. The aim is to
increase awareness about the human rights implications of these measures and to shed light
on the role that the UK plays, both directly and indirectly, in these dynamics.

This project will hopefully lead to the following outcomes:

  1. Increased awareness about the Israeli government’s surveillance policies and its impact on the
    Palestinian population, among the British public and the targeted groups such as grassroot
    activists, policy makers, politicians, and Anglo-Jewish and other progressive communities.
  1. A deeper understanding of the direct and indirect role the UK plays in these dynamics, through
    the data collection and presentation of the links between the Israeli arms industry and the UK
    government’s cooperation.
  2. The project may lead to increased public engagement and activism on this issue, and could
    influence the policies of the UK government, as well as contribute to the discourse on human
    rights and the protection of the rights of Palestinians.
  3. The exhibitions, workshops and articles produced as a result of this project may be used as a resource and reference by activists, journalists, and scholars, further contributing to the advocacy and awareness efforts in this field.
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