Britain Must Act Now to Block Unprecedented Israeli Settlement Plans

As you may have read or heard, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s government is advancing large-scale plans to build many new settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory, in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. These are being done in defiance of commitments made to the Biden Administration and other friendly governments, including the UK. If they go ahead, the consequences for the prospects of an end to occupation and a Palestinian state will be disastrous.

The Balfour Project is calling on its supporters, people like you, to write to their local MPs urging them to take up the matter urgently with Foreign Secretary James Cleverly. Click here for a draft letter, spelling out the details and explaining why our government needs to act. Feel free to modify or personalise the letter as you see fit.

With warm thanks for your continued support of the work of the Balfour Project.

Best wishes,
Andrew WhitleyChair, Balfour Project

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