How can Britain Help Right the Historic Wrong that it Committed Against the Palestinian People?

Mark Seddon of Deep Dive Palestine is live with Andrew Whitley, founder & executive director of Geo-Political Advisory Services (GPAS) & Chair of the Balfour Project.

Andrew has had an expansive career first as a journalist for the BBC & Financial Times, before serving as the New York Director of UNRWA & then as Policy Director & interim Chief Executive of The Elders.

Tune in for a DeepDive illuminating Britain’s historic and ongoing role in the oppression of the Palestinian people, and hear what Andrew thinks Britain can and should be doing today to start to undo these injustices.

02:38 – Update: The case of Salah Hammouri
06:00 – Itamar Ben-Gvir being appointed to the new Israeli government
08:14 – ‘The tolerance of the international community will be tested now’
11:25 – Andrew’s own journey to the situation in Palestine
14:50 – UNRWA funding and the ‘dependency culture’ debate it provokes
16:27 – AJ+ Clip: Rashid Khalidi, ‘The British have not apologised for their colonial crimes in Palestine’
21:27 – What is the aim of The Balfour Project?
25:00 – What is Britain’s current role towards Palestine?
28:41 – What does The Balfour Project focus on?
33:39 – How did the 1917 Balfour Declaration come about?
37:25 – The British Mandate and policy in Palestine, 1920-1948
42:45 – Where does this leave the ‘2-state solution’
45:19 – Should we be striving for ‘equal rights’ now?
46:49 – Can UNRWA support Palestinians indefinitely?
50:00 – Should governments implement sanctions against Israel?
53:00 – Does the term “conflict” accurately describe the situation on the ground?

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