Keys Gaza Special Reporting Under Fire

A central contributor to the Keys: a Troubled Inheritance podcast the Balfour Project is running (series two picks up in spring, 2024) is Sami Abu Salem. He is the Gazan journalist who contributes the Palestinian side of the story to Mike Joseph‘s journal of his Jewish family’s journey from Nazi persecution to Palestine, Gaza  and the Nakba. Sami’s parents were among the hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees from that 1948 catastrophe: now, in mid-series, memory is cruelly smashed aside as Sami and his family find history recycled, and themselves fleeing the bltizkrieg of yet another Zionist military assault—though this time there is no escape from the bombs and rockets. This podcast is Sami’s journal of the unremitting horrors of Gaza since 7 October, presented by Mike. 
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