British Government’s Current Position: Status of Palestinians in East Jerusalem

Q Asked by Baroness Tonge (Independent) 28 January 2019

Department for International Development: Jerusalem: Palestinians. HL13185

To ask Her Majesty’s Government what action they are taking to protect the rights of those Palestinians in East Jerusalem whose refugee status has been threatened by the withdrawal of funding to UNRWA by the government of the United States.

A Answered by: Lord Bates (Conservatives) on 11 February 2019

We are concerned about the impact on UNRWA’s activities whenever unexpected reductions occur. Last year the UK led international efforts to help ensure UNRWA’s essential services were maintained, by almost doubling our original core support of £33.5 million to £65.5 million in total, including £5 million for Gaza, and lobbying other donors to step up to ensure the funding burden is shared more evenly across the international community. Both the UK and UNRWA recognise the need for UNRWA to reform to ensure its sustainability and ability to provide essential services to refugees. UNRWA has undertaken significant cost-cutting measures to respond to budget cuts and growing need. We welcome UNRWA’s efforts to broaden its donor base and are encouraging partners to step up with more funding and more predictable disbursements. The UK has a multi-year commitment to support UNRWA and we remain firmly committed to supporting UNRWA and Palestinian refugees.

Q Asked by Baroness Tonge (Independent) on 22 January 2019

Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Jerusalem: Palestinians. HL13040

To ask Her Majesty’s Government what representations they have made to the government of Israel regarding the status of Palestinians in East Jerusalem who have been denied full Israeli citizenship and cannot travel abroad.

A Answered by: Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon (Conservative) 04 February 2019

We regularly make clear our serious concerns about the situation in East Jerusalem to the Israeli authorities and the Municipality of Jerusalem. We remain deeply concerned about restrictions on freedom of movement to and from East Jerusalem.

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