The politics of water in Israel-Palestine: a discussion with James Fergusson, author of ‘In Search of the River Jordan’

Online webinar hosted on 21 November 2023

In Search of the River Jordan is the new book by award-winning writer and journalist James Fergusson. Travelling through Gaza, the West Bank and Israel, Fergusson describes how historic water resources such as the Jordan River and the Dead Sea have been diverted or depleted, and how the unequal competition for remaining water resources dominates the lives of Palestinians in the occupied territories.

This webinar addressed broader contexts, including the war in Israel-Gaza and the COP28 Climate Change summit in Dubai (which will starts a few days after this webinar) and the issue of long-term environmental degradation and the loss of biodiversity that is being caused by water poverty in the West Bank and Gaza.

James Fergusson is a British journalist and foreign correspondent who has written for publications such as The Economist, The Times and the Daily Mail, and has published seven books, including A Million Bullets about the British army’s involvement in Afghanistan.


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