Reckless folly: our Government must not move the UK Embassy to Jerusalem

Prime Minister Liz Truss has announced a “review” which may lead to the British Embassy in Tel Aviv moving to Jerusalem.

The “review” itself is extremely unwise. No reason for it and no timescale have been given. It would be disastrous if the Prime Minister decided to move the Embassy to Jerusalem.

This review and ultimate decision belong to Ms Truss. She may not heed advice from religious leaders and international law experts, from her political opponents, or even from members of her own party. But we can use democratic means to convince her to desist. Labour, SNP and the Liberal Democrats all oppose such a review. Successive  Conservative- and Labour-led governments since 1950 have been in agreement that the UK must uphold international law and adhere to UN Security Council resolutions regarding the status of Jerusalem, which remains to be determined by Israelis and Palestinians. It is not for us BrItish to pre-judge that determination.  

Speed is of the essence:  the PM could announce her decision very soon, especially as the Israeli General election is taking place on 1 November and she has spoken of a close working relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Lapid. 

Please consider writing urgently to your MP, adding your voice to those opposing this truly rash and dangerous proposal. The link to find your MPs contact details, and a draft letter for you to personalise and send if you so decide is here. Within the body of that letter are links to statements by religious leaders and legal experts explaining why moving the Embassy would be wrong in so many ways: moral, legal, political and economic.

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