Why Israeli progressives have started to talk about ‘apartheid’

By Michael Sfard, an Israeli human rights lawyer, in The Guardian, 3 June 2021.

Michael Sfard was a keynote speaker at our conference entitled ‘Israel/Palestine: in search of the rule of law’ in May 2021 and his talk can be viewed here.

When I first heard this argument from Palestinians 20 years ago, I rejected it. But the evidence is mounting before our eyes.

The latest chapter in the Israel-Palestine conflict unfolded in many locations, all at once. In the Gaza Strip, civilian population centres were heavily bombarded by Israeli fighter planes and artillery, bringing death, injuries and massive damage to property. Towns in Israel were targeted by Palestinian rockets launched from Gaza; those that get past Israel’s Iron Dome missile-defence system also kill and destroy. In Jerusalem, settlers are attempting to forcibly displace Palestinians from their homes and worshippers have clashed with Israeli forces in one of the holiest sites for Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

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