Balfour Project Racism Policy

The Balfour Project opposes and condemns racism and racial, religious and ethnic prejudice of all types. We believe in the promotion of a society that is tolerant and understanding of all races, cultures, and faiths.

In particular, and bearing in mind our aims and objectives, we do not tolerate any form of racism or prejudice against Muslims, Jews, Christians, Israelis, Palestinians or Arabs.

All persons associated with the Balfour Project, including all Trustees, Executive Committee members, Advisory Forum members, Peace Advocacy Fellows and any persons employed by the Balfour Project or in a consultancy relationship with the Balfour Project, must be ambassadors for the Balfour Project. They must be careful not to promote racist or offensive comments in any way, and to avoid being seen to promote them. This includes the publication of such comments on online social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Apart from causing serious offence, such behaviour could cause long-term damage to the reputation not only of the individual concerned but also of the Balfour Project itself.

In the event of a complaint to the Balfour Project against the actions of a person associated with it, the Chair of the Board of Trustees will ask two other trustees to conduct an urgent enquiry and report to the Board with recommendations for action.

September 2021

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