New perspectives on Israel-Palestine for new audiences

Article on the Balfour Project Fellows published in Arab Banker Magazine, Autumn 2021

Two years ago, a British charity, the Balfour Project, began sponsoring groups of students to explore and report on key areas of the asymmetrical conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians, in order to promote a better understanding of this conflict and of the factors driving events in the region today.

Crucially, the programme brings together students with a wide variety of perspectives and ethnic backgrounds. As a result, the output of their work spans many of the divisions that characterise reporting and discussion on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Arab Banker asked the Coordinator of the Fellowships Programme, Matan Rosenstrauch, to explain the Programme’s objectives, and on the following pages we provide a snapshot of the Programme’s three most recent projects.

Click here to download the Arab Banker Magazine in full. The article is on page 76.

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