Bedouins in Area C

By Adam Abdalla, Jordan Jones, Stav Salpeter

Our aim is twofold. Firstly, we raise awareness of the situation of the Bedouin communities living in Area C, who are structurally sidelined both due to the occupation and within the Palestinian society. Moreover, we outline Britain’s historic responsibility towards these communities and the implications of this responsibility for the future actions of the UK.

The Bedouin communities are not only structurally sidelined in practice, but also in discussions of the residents of Area C.

The report will provide a useful resource both for ongoing policy decisions such as those relating to foreign aid to support Bedouin communities, and to ‘emergency’ decisions relating to house demolitions of Bedouin communities in Area C. The issue of Khan al-Ahmar shows a positive example of the potential of international pressure to prevent demolitions of Bedouin houses, and our project will show the added British responsibility underlying such declarations.

Audience: General British Public and The Bedouin communities of Area C are unfortunately not only marginalised in society, but also in policy decisions. There is a lack of awareness of Bedouin societies amongst the British population at large, and our aim is to make resources that are accessible enough for the general reader while comprehensive enough to provide a useful tool for the seasoned policy-maker.

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